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The Canadian Street Style Lookbook – January 4, 2013 Edition

Vanessa Hong of The Haute Pursuit, Vancouver/Beijing

A few days ago S and I went outside – coatless – to take photos for our new feature, Shop Like a Backseat Styler, and I must say, it wasn’t easy. S suggested that I pose in the snow against a backdrop of conifers, which seemed like a great idea – very editorial – until I stepped onto the pristine layer of snow and my loafers disappeared in the snow. We nixed the plan for a scenic setting and decided to shoot in the middle of the street, and as S took shots of me I tried to pretend that the cold wind wasn’t blowing my hair into odd formations or making my teeth chatter. When we got home to look at the photos, I discovered that my desperate attempts to look casually cheerful had turned out looking more like a grimace….

How do style bloggers regularly brave the cold to share their outfits with us? On some occasions sheer willpower is sufficient to venture outdoors, but when that’s not enough amazing outerwear is the answer. Ania’s wool jacket stands out with its speckled texture and dramatic lapels, while Joandy’s sweeping coat combined with punches of bright yellow make for a powerful look. It should come as no surprise that the ever avant-garde Sam recently sported the cozy Maison Martin Margiela x H&M duvet jacket. I imagine it feels like a perpetual hug….

Lisa Dengler for, Toronto/Zurich

Ivy Xu for, Vancouver

Gabrielle Lacasse of Dentelle et Fleurs, Montreal

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