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Stylish Road Trip to The Somerset Collection – Part Three

Me, Kimberly, LOFT Store Manager Dyanne and Nelia

It’s the last segment of our #StylishRoadTrip saga! To refresh your memory, Kimberly Lyn (of The Souls of My Shoes) and Nelia Belkova (of Style Blog) and me made an easy 4-hour trek to The Somerset Collection in a swanky yellow Ford Focus a few weeks ago. I’ve already chronicled the damage we did at INTERMIX, Saks Fifth Avenue and Madewell, among other stores, but we obviously couldn’t leave Troy, Michigan without a sneak peek at two retailers arriving in Canada for the first time later this year, Ann Taylor and LOFT.

From what we saw (and shopped!), the two sister specialty chains, both owned by Ann Inc., will be more than welcome additions to the Canadian retail market. The way we see it, Ann Taylor has us (yes, petites included!) covered from Monday to Friday with its chic office garb and cocktail party-ready dresses, while LOFT has all the cute casual wear we’ll need for fun weekend outings and date nights.

Nelia, Kim and I all took full advantage of the opportunity to raid both boutiques before they open up shop in Toronto in a few months. At LOFT, we each bought the exact same striped sweater. Fashion blogging triplets! For the record, I found the sweater first, but who’s really keeping track? At Ann Taylor, it was the accessories that caught our eyes. The neon necklaces and easy-to-wear cuffs made for fun pops of colour, and we couldn’t leave Troy without taking some home with us.

Now that we’ve had a taste of what LOFT and Ann Taylor will be bringing with them north of the border, we can’t wait to shop their new boutiques in a few short months! Check out the gallery below for more photos of what’s in store for us, Toronto, and start getting excited.

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Retail Therapy

Stylish Road Trip to The Somerset Collection – Part Two

INTERMIX is one of my favourite shopping destinations. Whether taking a stroll through Yorkville in Toronto, window-shopping in Soho in NYC or browsing online, I never pass on the opportunity to intermix (definition: to shop until one drops at an INTERMIX boutique).

Such was the case as well on my recent road trip to Somerset Collection in Troy, Michigan. When Nelia Belkova (of Style Blog), Kimberly Lyn (of The Souls of My Shoes) and I drew up our shopping plans, a visit to INTERMIX Somerset was high on the priority list.

And for excellent reason. We arrived at the store to find a whole gaggle of cheerful, friendly staff waiting to welcome us, with champagne and Godiva chocolate-covered strawberries at the ready. Assistant Manager Irene Yeldo and her lovely staff had also pulled aside their top picks of the new fall arrivals for our perusal, helpfully suggesting pieces that would fit our respective styles. In short, they spoiled us (thank you!). We weren’t complaining, but our pocketbooks were on high alert.

With gift cards generously donated to the cause (i.e. my fall wardrobe) by Somerset and INTERMIX burning a hole in my pocket, I scoured the expertly-curated offerings for pieces to bring back with me to Toronto. There were plenty of worthy candidates: a gold tone lacy cuff by YSL, an indigo Proenza Schouler PS1 (a bag that’s been on my wish list since I first laid eyes on one), and a pair of strappy B Brian Atwood snakeskin booties.

In the end, I decided that the one item I just couldn’t live without was a pair of exclusive rag & bone/JEAN for INTERMIX white skinny jeans with black tuxedo stripes. In fact, they fit me so well that Nelia pointed out, in an impressed tone of voice, that I didn’t even need to get them hemmed. To which I replied, “That’s because they’re supposed to be capris!” Hashtag shorty problems.

Capris or not, kudos to INTERMIX for filling a hole in my closet I never even knew existed. And please be sure to keep a YSL Arty ring (yes, I need a second one) and one of those Equipment blouses with the  snakeskin print trim aside for me. With fall just around the corner, I’ll be back for them very soon!

Me with the lovely INTERMIX Somerset team

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Retail Therapy

Stylish Road Trip to The Somerset Collection – Part One

I’ve never been one for road trips, mostly on account of the guaranteed bout of carsickness and bad memories from childhood bus tours. But when it comes to shopping, there isn’t much I’m unwilling to endure, as you know (case in point: that bitter cold wait for Lanvin x H&M), so when Kimberly Lyn of The Souls of My Shoes and Nelia Belkova of Style Blog suggested a shopping road trip, naturally I was in.

As for the destination? I decided it was high time my fellow Toronto fashion bloggers were introduced to one of my absolute favourites: Somerset Collection in Troy, Michigan.

Me, Nelia and Kim with our sunny Ford Focus

After an easy and smooth 4-hour drive from Toronto to Troy with Kim behind the wheel of our sunny yellow Ford Focus (what a trooper!), the three of us checked in at a local hotel and readied ourselves for a good night’s sleep in preparation for what would turn out to be an epic 10-hour day of shopping at Somerset. Yup, you read right: 10 hours!

Somerset Collection is clearly no ordinary mall

How do 3 shopaholics spend 10 hours at one mall? Quite easily, actually. Especially when said mall is Somerset Collection. With two glorious boutique-filled buildings separated by a street and connected by a bridge, Somerset’s over 180 stores range from Neiman Marcus, Intermix and J.Crew on the North end to LOFT, Madewell and Nordstrom on the South side.

Lacoste shoes (gifted) for our epic day of Somerset shopping

In short, more than enough stores to fill an entire workday’s worth of shopping, and then some. What kept us going during our marathon Somerset visit were the sustenance from J. Alexander’s (the fish tacos are highly recommended!), our cute and comfy Lacoste shoes and, of course, our iron will.

Oh hello there, Neiman Marcus shoe department

Detailed accounts of our escapades will follow, particularly our visits to Intermix, Ann Taylor and LOFT, but suffice to say our day at Somerset was a resounding success, thanks to the well-curated store directory, incredible customer service and excellent timing on our part (the very end of sale season!).

Incriminating evidence of a shopping expedition gone a little too well

As impressive as Somerset was the Focus’ ability to hold three shopaholic fashion bloggers, our suitcases, enough road trip snacks to feed the Canadian women’s soccer team, and all of our shopping bags. Somerset Collection x Ford Focus turned out to be a road trip made in heaven. I simply can’t wait for round #2. So, who’s in?

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