Rodarte’s Kate and Laura Mulleavy Preview Fall 2012 with a Fête at The Room at The Bay Toronto

Me with Rodarte’s Laura and Kate Mulleavy

The Bay still knows how to throw a party. After several quiet months, Toronto’s social and fashion set returned to The Room at The Bay last night for a shindig in honour of Rodarte designers Kate and Laura Mulleavy. With their Fall 2012 collection in tow, the sisters charmed the likes of socialites Suzanne Rogers and Stacey Kimel, editors Bernadette Morra and Mosha Lundström Halbert, as well as bloggers Anita Clarke and Kimberly Lyn.

Yours truly spent the evening photographing the city’s most sartorially endowed, sipping champagne with my fellow media types, and chatting about Kirsten Dunst’s unexpected Met Ball dress (Rodarte, of course) with the designers themselves. Clad in a Manish Arora dress (fit for a hippie wedding) and navy velvet Loeffler Randall shoes (something blue?), I sought to rectify the Rodarte-less situation happening in my closet. When I asked the design duo about any upcoming collaborations, though, the answer was a disappointing no: “Right now, we really need to focus on our next collection,” Kate said. I’ll take that as a ‘maybe’.

In the meantime, The Room at The Bay is the source for all things Rodarte. And with The Room’s spring sale just around the corner (a little birdie told me so) and my pocketbook at the ready, I may just get my hands on my very first piece of Rodarte yet.

Flare’s Ryan M. Cheung, Glam Canada’s Aya McMillan and Flare’s Fiona Green

Kate Mulleavy, The Room Creative Director Nicholas Mellamphy and The Bay Fashion Director Suzanne Timmins

I Want – I Got’s Anita Clarke and Front Row Mag’s Michelle Bilodeau and Rachelle Saevil

Me with The Souls of My Shoes’ Kimberly Lyn

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LOULOU Magazine’s Shop ‘Til You Drop 2012 at Fairview Mall

We’re big fans of shopping parties (who isn’t?), and when we heard that LOULOU Magazine and Fairview Mall were teaming up to co-host the ultimate shopping event, we knew we had to be there. So last Thursday, April 26, when Canada’s shopping magazine brought its 6th annual Shop ‘Til You Drop tour to one of our favourite retail destinations in north Toronto, not only were we there at Fairview Mall, but we were right in the thick of all the action.

The 4-hour shopping extravaganza was a shopaholic’s delight! There were exclusive discounts at some of our favourite stores, complimentary food and drink, giveaways, makeovers, fashion illustrations, goodie bags…more than we’d bargained for, really. If you weren’t able to join us for the fun, not to worry – there’s always next year. And in the meantime, here’s a minute-by-minute account of the event so you can live vicariously through S’s tweets (and post-event commentary):

5:23pm – Kick-off

“We’ve arrived at @louloumagazine’s #ShopTilYouDrop event! Here’s the scene at @Fairview_Mall’s centre court.”

With 200 luxe swag bags up for grabs on a first come, first serve basis and the entire shindig about to kick off, the excitement was palpable. This was our very first Shop ‘Til You Drop event and we couldn’t wait to get our shop on.

5:37pm – Trend Presentation by Liv Judd

“Waiting for @louloumagazine’s @LivJudd’s trend presentation @Fairview_Mall. Tell me about these shorts! #ShopTilYouDrop”

The blue paisley shorts turned out to be from Gap’s latest collection. With the entire store at 30% off during the Shop ‘Til You Drop event, it was a no brainer that those babies were coming home with me. I see myself living in these shorts come summer.

“The lovely @LivJudd giving her trend presentation at @louloumagazine and @Fairview_Mall’s #ShopTilYouDrop event”

LOULOU Magazine’s Shopping Editor Liv Judd took the stage for her spring trend presentation in front of a crowd eager for spring style tips. T and I sat front row, hanging on her every word: mixed prints, white on white, denim jackets…this lady knows what she’s talking about!

“Wise spring style advice from @louloumagazine’s @LivJudd: “Never wear a stiletto with a short.” #ShopTilYouDrop”

Confession time: I’ve done this, maybe twice in life…but I promise never to do it again, Liv!

“‘Colour is something you want in your denim’, says @LivJudd. She’s so right. #ShopTilYouDrop”

I’ve been resisting coloured jeans over the past few months, but I’m just about ready to jump on that trend. Proof: Me at Gap admiring denim in all the colours of the rainbow later in the evening. A baby step in the right direction, nudged forward by T and the green jeans she’s been wearing non-stop and, of course, Liv’s trend talk.

“Coral, mint and metallics for spring nails! @LivJudd is featuring some lovely @EssieCanada polishes. #ShopTilYouDrop”

I’m a huge Essie fan, so I was delighted by these fun new colours. Fast forward a few hours and I found myself at Trade Secrets stocking up on my favourite Essie shades. Can’t go wrong with the exclusive buy one, get one 50% off event discount.

“The woman next to me at #ShopTilYouDrop just turned to me and said, “wow!” when @LivJudd’s trend presentation wrapped. What a compliment!”

6:04pm – Exclusive Interview with Liv Judd

“Just wrapped an interview w/ @LivJudd. Now very inspired to get my shop on! Ready for some colour, colour and more colour. #ShopTilYouDrop”

Gap’s Denise Chow and LOULOU’s Liv Judd

We nab Liv right after her presentation to chat more about – what else? – spring trends.

BSS: You introduced quite a few trends for spring in your presentation. Which one are you most excited to get into?

Liv: Colour. Hands down. All of the vivid types of colours, like cobalt blue, fuchsia, green and orange. Colour-blocking is not going away, but now it’s stripes and geometric shapes.

BSS: Is there a trend that you don’t see yourself participating in this spring?

Liv: Personally, I’m not a huge fan of the mullet skirt – short in the front, long in the back. I wouldn’t recommend it.

BSS: On that note, what was your worst fashion faux pas?

Liv: There are so many! I had to wear a bright yellow, acrylic sweater [to a New Kids on the Block concert in grade 7]. I was mortified.

BSS: By the bright yellow or the acrylic?

Liv: By the acrylic! Everybody else was wearing their hip New Kids on the Block t-shirts and I was in bright yellow, acrylic no less.

BSS: What was the last purchase you made for the upcoming season?

Liv: I was at Old Navy, and I bought neon-striped t-shirts and long, colour-block maxi dresses.

BSS: What items are still on your wish list for spring?

Liv: Bright-coloured jeans, more maxi dresses, a new white jean, and pointy-toe flats in a bright colour.

BSS: What’s the most fun part about the Shop ‘Til You Drop tour for you?

Liv: Coming out to meet shoppers. Being in the mall and seeing them come up to you and say, “I listened to what you said and this is what I bought. To get that feedback immediately is a delight.

BSS: What is it about Fairview that makes it such a great place to shop?

Liv: It’s so easy to get to. It’s right just on the subway line. And they were the first mall to get H&M [in 2004], so they have that prestige. That was the very first time I shopped here.

6:16pm – Celebrity Trends with Angie Smith at Gap

“Angie Smith @bumbalina of @ETCanada talking celeb style trends at@GapCA. @RCampanelliETC is here too! #ShopTilYouDrop”

Over at the Gap store, Angie walked us through on-trend outfits by some of our favourite celebrities (including Solange Knowles – love her!) and how to recreate the looks using pieces from Gap’s spring/summer collection. Husband and ET Canada on air personality Rick Campanelli is there too to lend his support.

“Shopping for stripes this spring? The smaller the stripe, the more flattering on the body, says @bumbalina at @GapCA. #ShopTilYouDrop”

“Photo booth at @GapCA! Of course T and I had to get in on that action. #ShopTilYouDrop”

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Runways and Showrooms

Toronto Fashion Week: RUDSAK Fall 2010 ‘Fly High’

Since T and I started this blog, some very exciting opportunities have unexpectedly come our way (see here and here), but the most unique so far has been the invitation to attend RUDSAK‘s fitting sessions for celebrities who would be gracing the front row at the Fall 2010 collection runway show. Held at RUDSAK’s Queen St. store in Toronto, we had an enormous amount of fun photo-documenting founder/designer Evik Asatoorian’s sessions with various celebrities as they tried on different pieces from RUDSAK’s current Spring collection.

Rick Campanelli (ET Canada co-host) was to strut down the runway as a celebrity model in RUDSAK’s show later that day, so his fitting included a short catwalking practice session. It turns out Campanelli is a natural, because he walked that runway like a pro just a few hours later. Who knew he could pull off that fur trapper hat with such flair?

For Campanelli’s fiancée, Angie Smith (ET Canada Fashion Producer), Asatoorian chose a leather jacket in a fabulously bright colour that produced a striking contrast against her dark hair. With removable sleeves, the jacket could also have been worn as a vest – how much more versatile can a leather jacket get?

Aliya-Jasmine Sovani (MTV Canada host) was fitted in RUDSAK’s latest take on the classic biker jacket – a decidedly edgier look than what she walked into the store with. Success!

Together, Asatoorian and Ivana Santilli (singer) chose for her a leather jacket and matching bag in a very versatile shade of light grey. The colour was the perfect choice for Santilli; it complemented rather than competed with the colour of her hair.

Keshia Chanté (singer), the last to be fitted, was the only one to take advantage of her black leather jacket’s removable sleeves and wear it instead as a vest. Sleeves or no sleeves, that jacket was hot.

With that, the fitting sessions were over, and T and I finally had the opportunity to peruse the store before it was time for the day’s fashion shows. Hard as it was, we managed to resist temptation, but we may not be so lucky the next time we set foot in that store – especially after seeing the Fall 2010 show. Entitled “Fly High”, the aviator theme-infused collection was utterly fantastic. As someone who is already an avid fan of other Canadian outerwear designers like Smythe Les Vestes and Mackage, this collection put RUDSAK on the map in my outerwear-obsessed mind. The coats and jackets were incredibly chic and the flight references in the accessories not too literal. No one’s letting me pilot any planes any time soon, but the aviator hats and flight goggles were too cool to pass on.

When the final model came down the runway, I knew right then and there that my resolution to purchase no more outerwear – especially winter coats – was out the door. The long wool coat with leather accents in that gorgeous shade of mauve was immediately added to my list of must-haves for next Fall.

Backstage after the show, as Sovani, Santilli and Chanté gathered for photo ops with the designer, the mood was celebratory. And why not? In the competition for the hearts and fall/winter outerwear budgets of Canadian fashionistas, RUDSAK had just thrown down the gauntlet with one very fierce collection.

xx, S

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