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The Canadian Street Style Lookbook – March 22, 2013 Edition

Lena Antonacci of Quality Rivets, Montreal

Last week’s edition of the Street Style Lookbook included some killer black and white outfits, and this week Ania and Melissa continued the trend.

We also saw some bold floral prints that are a little different from what we’re used to seeing. Resembling a digitally produced collage, the multi-layered floral print on Lily’s peplum top captivates with its intense colours. Samantha’s printed blouse combines two not often paired colours – pink and lime green – for a funky look with a fun ‘60s vibe. Lisa, opting for a more subdued look at Paris Fashion Week, had her printed blazer provide a punch of colour to her casual chic ensemble.

Lily Nguyen of Bleed For Fashion, Vancouver

Melissa Araujo of, Vancouver

Lisa Dengler of Just Another Fashion Blog, Toronto/Zurich

Vanessa Cesario of The Brunette Salad, Toronto (Image Credit: Max Kopanygin for FLARE)

Liz Clark of Elizabeth Victoria Clark, Toronto

Samantha Beckerman of Beckerman Bite Plate, Toronto

Ania Boniecka of Ania B., Victoria

See past editions of The Canadian Street Style Lookbook here, and email us if you have a Canadian style blog you’d like us to check out.

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