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The Canadian Street Style Lookbook – January 11, 2013 Edition

Lisa Dengler for, Toronto/Zurich

While most of us bundled up in our winter coats over the holidays, Nelia wore the most charming outfit during her vacation in Punta Cana. She couldn’t have looked any more perfect for a tropical getaway in her white daisy lace dress, pink earrings, and yellow bracelets.

Though it’s not nearly warm enough for naked limbs at home in Canada, Ania and Dani surprised us with their midriff-baring looks this week. I’m the kind of person who will wear three shirts under a parka in zero degree weather and stare incredulously at anyone wearing anything less, including joggers in spandex, barelegged ladies in skirts and ballerina flats, and boys walking around on campus in gym shorts (WHY???).

I would wear snow pants regularly if that were acceptable among adults. I admire Ania and Dani for being brave enough to show some skin in minus-zero weather, and looking chic and totally badass (and not insane) while doing it.

Ania Boniecka of Ania.B, Calgary

Nelia Belkova of Style Blog, Toronto

Bianca Venerayan of Kastor & Pollux, Toronto

Mc kenneth Licon for, Vancouver

Dani Roche of Kastor & Pollux, Toronto

Ivy Xu for, Vancouver

Justin Escutin of WEARWOLFE, Toronto

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