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The Canadian Street Style Lookbook – Best of 2012!

Samantha and Caillianne Beckerman of Beckerman Bite Plate, Toronto

As occasional style bloggers, we’ve come to a less than obvious conclusion: style blogging isn’t easy. Put on some clothes, snap a photo or two and call it a day, right? Not quite.

So much thought goes into the production of a personal style shot that will keep readers coming back for more. The look: arm party or no arm party? Ankle booties or platform pumps? Hair up or down? The location: this graffiti wall or that one? Open field or busy city street? The pose: look straight at the camera or whimsically away from it? Lean in this doorway or sit on that park bench? It’s enough to make your head spin, but those who do it well have it down to a fine art.

That’s why this year we left the personal style blogging to those who do it like they mean it, and launched The Canadian Street Style Lookbook. There are some seriously stylish folks across our fair nation, and we wanted to introduce them to you. And, as 2012 comes to an end, we decided to take on the impossible task of rounding up our 10 favourite looks from the year.

From fabulous Lookbook regulars like Nelia and sisters Caillianne and Samantha to less frequent but no less chic contributors like Anya and Sydney, we’re in awe of just how sartorially gifted these 11 bloggers are. We bow down to your abilities to keep the outfits creative, the backdrops fresh and your bodies perfectly posed from week to week.

To all who were featured in the Lookbook this past year, thank you for the incredible blog fodder. We can’t wait to showcase more of our favourite bloggers, as well as some fresh new faces, in 2013!

Nelia Belkova of Style Blog, Toronto

Vanessa Hong of The Haute Pursuit, Vancouver/Beijing

Anya Georgijevic of I’m The It Girl, Vancouver

Anik Lacasse-Richard of Montreal In Style, Montreal

Sydney Hoffman for, Toronto

Jen Tam of Her Waise Choice, Vancouver

M’c kenneth Licon of Little Fashionisto, Vancouver

Gracie Carroll of Gracie Carroll, Toronto

Justyna Baraniecki of Chameolonic, Ottawa

xx, T & S

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