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Stylin’ from the Backseat: Wear, Wash and Repeat

Last weekend for my friend S’s 30th birthday bash (Happy belated!), I paired my new Aime by Monica Mei silk top with my one and only pair of red shoes. We had a fantastic night out on the town – me, my top and my shoes. So much so that when it came time to pick an ensemble for this weekend’s birthday festivities for my friend T’s big 3-0, I decided to wear pretty much the same thing. That’s right – I wore almost the exact same outfit two weekends in a row (I switched up the jeans). Shameful, no? Not really. No one other than my beloved Mr. Backseat Styler was the wiser (completely different crowd) and – save for this little blog post here – no one ever would be. I’m enamoured with my magical Aime top that seems to cinch and create curves in all the right places…why shouldn’t I live in it?

Introducing – for the very first time – Mr. Backseat Styler, G.

And the birthday boy T – happy 30th!

Aime by Monica Mei silk top / J Brand pencil jeans / necklace from Hong Kong boutique / Chanel bag / Gucci watch / Christian Louboutin red patent Triclos

xx, S

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