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Stylin’ from the Backseat: The Banker

Remember that Mugler event I attended at the Bay last month? I shot all the fabulous people there that evening, including Toronto socialites Suzanne Rogers in Givenchy and Stacy Kimmel in Mugler, but failed to document my own decidedly less glamourous outfit. Lucky for me, Jason Hudson, the Bay’s official photog for the evening, was on hand with his trusty camera to do the job.

Jason is, first and foremost, one of my favourite faces to see at fashion events, but also happens to be an incredible photographer. Through his lens, I always come out looking good, and that’s quite the feat. I’ve edited enough of my own photos to know that credit definitely goes to the photographer on that one, and not me!

On this particular occasion, Jason captured me looking rather smart. I’ve got the librarian-type glasses going on and my chic leather banker’s envelope by OBJECT for Danier tucked under my arm. I look like, well, an accountant, which happens to be my day job. In truth, this ensemble isn’t quite office-appropriate, but when 6 o’clock hits, the leather pants – a staple in my other life as a fashion blogger – come out to play.

Check out Jason’s other fabulous shots from the Mugler event here.

Roland Mouret jacket / Banana Republic belt / Elise Overland leather pants / OBJECT for Danier envelope clutch / YSL ring / FALLON necklace / Chanel glasses / Alexander McQueen shoes / MAKE UP FOR EVER make-up

xx, S

Image Credit: Jason Hudson

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