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Stylin’ from the Backseat: Red Is Best

I’m fully embracing tights-wearing season this year. I’ll reluctantly stow my black opaque tights away next May, but until then I’ll be enjoying their presence like a baby does her warm blankie.

In the meantime, I’m trying to avoid the winter wardrobe doldrums and am resisting the urge to wear all black everything until spring arrives. I was rather pleased with my semi-recent acquisition of a cheap and cheerful button-down from Joe Fresh for this very reason. I adore the bright red contrast collar.

It may be frigid out there, but it’s never too cold to have a little bit of sartorial fun. Underneath the Canada Goose, anyway.

xx, S

Joe Fresh shirt / Burberry skirt / Bruno Frisoni shoes / MAKE UP FOR EVER makeup

Image Credit: George Pimentel

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