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Stylin’ from the Backseat: In Defence of Plaid Jackets

“How many plaid blazers does a person need?!” exclaimed Nelia when she spotted my latest Club Monaco purchase. I didn’t realize we were counting, but the answer is obviously a really, really high number, as evidenced by the count in my closet.

It appears I have a plaid jacket problem that I hadn’t quite identified until my dear friend so kindly pointed it out. My guess is that it’s closely linked to my Smythe addiction. In my defence, though, this is the only brown plaid blazer with navy sleeves that I own. I’m fairly certain.

On a side note, I managed to mix black with brown and navy with black all in one outfit – potentially breaking two so-called style rules - and the world didn’t come to an end as many, including T, would fear. Ponder that one.

Club Monaco blazer / Club Monaco blouse / Joe Fresh jeans / FLARE x ALDO bag / Ralph Lauren boots / MAKE UP FOR EVER makeup

xx, S

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