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Stylin’ from the Backseat: By George!

George Antonopoulos and me

You know that feeling of loving a new purchase so much that you want to wear it right away? I didn’t get that with my leather dress from the OBJECT for Danier line by George Antonopoulos. In fact, I adored it so much that I wanted to save its first outing for a special occasion of sorts, rather than just any ol’ day.

After sitting patiently in my closet for a month and a half, my new leather frock finally got its inaugural call to duty for none other than the opening night of this season’s LG Fashion Week. With the Spring 2012 collection from Arthur Mendonça, for whom Antonopoulos serves as Fashion Director, on the agenda, I thought it the perfect opportunity to take the dress out for a spin.

The Alexander McQueen winged booties I paired my OBJECT dress with were also a piece that had a delayed debut after I purchased them last winter. Do you save particularly beloved new purchases for special occasions too?

OBJECT for Danier leather dress / Biko Jewellery necklace / Alexander McQueen boots / Balenciaga bag

xx, S

Photo Credit: Jessica Chiu

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