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Spotted from the Backseat: The Editor

Our first street style photo of 2011 is our very favourite snap from 2010. In fact, we love it so much we sat on it for over 2 months, saving it for…what? Not sure, but here it is finally: Liz Cabral, FLARE‘s Fashion Director, in the most fabulous ensemble we spotted on anyone at the Spring 2011 edition of Toronto Fashion Week. Head to toe, fur coat to Louboutins, Ms. Cabral’s look was spot on. As is her editorial work in FLARE.

Oh, and who is that dapper gentleman she was chatting with? Only Nicholas Mellamphy, Creative Director of The Room at the Bay - one of my most favoured shopping haunts. These are the characters that made up the front row at the VAWK Spring 2011 show. Serious business.

xx, S

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