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Spotted from the Backseat: Operanation 2011 Edition

Knot PR’s Amy Burstyn Fritz in a Calla Haynes skirt

On October 21, T and I had the pleasure of attending the Canadian Opera Company‘s eighth annual fundraiser, Operanation 8: A Muse Ball in Toronto. Despite having given opera a few sadly unsuccessful tries in the past (in hindsight, War and Peace in Russian wasn’t a very good starter opera), T was excited about the opportunity to see headliner Rufus Wainwright perform live and I was lured in by the promise of a fashion installation curated by RAC Boutique owners Glenna Weddle and Faith Orfus. Neither disappointed.

Featuring incredible, muse-inspired looks by Canadian designers Calla HaynesJoeffer CaocArthur Mendonça and Ashley Rowe, RAC’s installation was rivalled only by the partygoers’ own stunning ensembles. From lady in red Amy Burstyn-Fritz to a Mary Katrantzou-clad Megan Loach, the Operanation crowd was as well-styled and sartorially inspiring as the installation itself. In between style snaps, T and I also managed to eat, drink and dance the night away. In fact, we had so much fun that we vowed to give opera another proper try…or at least to attend Operanation again next year!

Designer Arthur Mendonça with a model in his design

RAC Boutique’s Faith Orfus

I Want – I Got’s Anita Clarke in a breathtaking Alexander McQueen Spring 2010 shawl

Red lips and white sequins

The Room at the Bay’s Megan Loach in Mary Katrantzou Spring 2011

xx, S

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