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Admiring from the Backseat: Taylor Tomasi Hill

A little while back, I asked my Twitter followers whether there’s an age limit for tutus. The responses, surprisingly, were unanimous in saying that there is none. I was still a bit skeptical though, and never did buy that BCBG tutu I’d been eyeing. I’m fully regretting my decision now, because Taylor Tomasi Hill demonstrated during NYFW that it’s not about how old you are, but rather how you wear the garment.

I just posted another NYFW look of hers last week that showed her layering genius, and here she’s at it again. It would never occur to me to pair a green floral shirt with a grey chiffon skirt, or a bright blue oversized clutch with black studded sneakers, and yet Tomasi Hill unexpectedly combines all of these pieces into one fabulously quirky and fun outfit. This ensemble might look a bit schizophrenic to some, but the very best accessory is a sense of humour, and clearly this Marie Claire editor has one.

I don’t think I’ve ever featured the same person twice in the span of one week. Girl crush, anyone?

xx, S

Image Credits: Tommy Ton via, Jak and Jil

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3 comments to Admiring from the Backseat: Taylor Tomasi Hill

  • That woman is a genius! Who would’ve thought to put all those items together!! She looks so grown-up and stylish.

  • T

    I love that she’s so unpredictable. The last outfit of hers that you posted is so different from this one, but she is always convincing…you never feel like she’s trying too hard or trying to be something that she’s not.

    • The Backseat Stylers

      That is exactly how I felt when I saw this outfit too! Even with all the crazy layering, you get the sense that she’s having fun with it, rather than trying hard to get snapped.

      Stylecaster just named their 50 most stylish New Yorkers. I think it was a travesty that she was omitted from the list.

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