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What Recession? Acne $2,000 Jeans

Between catfights at sample sales and muggings for Manolos à la SATC, the world can be a dangerous place for a fashionista. reports that Acne has the solution to such woes – $2,000 made-to-order jeans featuring silver hardware designed by London jewelry designer Husam El Odeh. No one’s messing with a woman with her own suit of armour. So those of us with an extra $2k lying around discover a new way to spend it. And Acne makes up for any profits lost this year to the leggings industry. It’s a win-win situation really.

I can see Rihanna in these jeans already – I’m calling it now. But as for me? I have a hard enough time justifying $200-300 Rock & Republics and Paiges, so I’m not about to drop $2k on these Acnes, as much as I can appreciate the modern day warrior princess look. For those of us with clothing budgets that are a tad smaller than Rihanna’s, we’ll have to wait for the Topshop or H&M interpretation of these jeans…or DIY it. I can just envision it – patches of aluminum foil from the kitchen glue-gunned to your skinnies? Ha, not so much.

xx, S

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