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Shop Like A Style Blogger: 20 Too Cool For School Backpacks

With your school days behind you, many of you, including S, have happily traded in your backpacks in favour of a swanky new handbag for adult life. But we’re betting that you, like us, still did a double take when you spotted Vanessa and her leather backpack in The Canadian Street Style Lookbook last week. Thinking of giving the good ol’ backpack another try? So are we.

Inspired by Vanessa, we set off to find a backpack or two suitable for grown-up life. The result? Twenty – yes twenty! – chic options that would fit right into any wardrobe rotation, student or not. From Baggu‘s sailor stripe cotton classic for $42 to The Row‘s luxe leather drawstring design for a whopping $3,900 (nope, no typo there), we’ve got your backpack needs covered. Check out the gallery below for cheap and cheerful, premier designer and everything in between.

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2 comments to Shop Like A Style Blogger: 20 Too Cool For School Backpacks

  • Ah, never mind the back to school backpacks. I feel like I need bangs again. But I’ve only grown it out already!

  • Linda

    I love backpacks! It can carry all my books, iPad, pencils, and stuffs. However, I hate those Jansport or sporty backpacks, it always clashes fashionable outfit! However, backpacks are so much more comfortable than using a tote bag.

    My fave backpack that goes with any outfit either business style or casual is the leather drawback one!

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