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High and Low

Photo Credits: Nordstrom, Saks

Just a few years ago, I could be heard scoffing at ballet flats, lamenting that they were unattractive and a trend that was going to fade. Shoes were at least 4 inches high or they weren’t on my feet. Fast forward to me becoming pregnant and all of a sudden I’m living in flats and singing their praises like we’d been best friends since forever.
As a new mom trying to get my style groove back, I’m still loving my flats, but am also working the heels back into the shoe rotation. My recent sale purchases are evidence that I’m becoming (or rather, continue to be) a bit of a shoe whore. Second markdowns started this week and I picked up the Burberry platform sandals I’ve been coveting from afar for those occasions when sexy trumps comfy, as well as a pair of Miu Miu bow flats I didn’t know I needed until I saw them selling at 60% off (funny how the relationship between need and cost works in my mind).
From now on it seems it’s going to be 4″ heels or no heel at all…anything in between has no place in my closet.
xx, S
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5 comments to High and Low

  • Ruta, Look Ugly in a Photograph

    Wow, love those shoes, the Burberry more than the Miu Miu though. Love shoes, I need more though. I don't have enough. All mine are ripping.

  • Style Blog

    I am sooo jealous of your shoe collection! You should show them off more often :)

  • Asta

    As a long-time shoesaholic, I totally understand what you mean. It's amazing how something that is selling at a huge dicount suddenly becomes a must-have, and after a short struggle… well, your shoes collection increases some more:)

  • Derek

    Those platforms are to die for. I fell in love with woven fabric platforms when you posted the pictures of the ones from the valentino couture show a while back. These are just as grogeous and they're all yours.

  • The Backseat Stylers

    Ruta – I like the Burberrys more than the Miu Mius too…I'm telling ya – a sexy high heel trumps a flat 9 times out of 10.

    Nelia – Thank you! You're absolutely right…I should do much more with my shoes than I do. I've got to be more creative with my outfits!

    Asta – Glad I'm not the only shoeaholic around here whose definition of 'must-have' changes by the second, LOL.

    Derek – Oh wow…you're comparing these Burberrys to the haute couture Valentinos! These definitely aren't nearly as dainty and ethereal as the Valentinos, but they're gorgeous in their own right I suppose…plus they fit into my budget much better! ;oP

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