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Coveting from the Backseat: Chanel Boy Bag

The temperatures may be bitterly cold this week, but my mind has already moved on to spring – and spring bags, in particular. I’ve been on the hunt for a colourful new accessory to help usher in the warm weather that I’m certain is just around the corner, and Chanel‘s Boy Bag is currently a top contender.

Karl Lagerfeld introduced the new style a year ago, which features Chanel’s signature quilted leather and double C kisslock, but has a decidedly edgier vibe than the ubiquitous classic quilted flap bag. For Spring 2013, it’s being produced in a range of punchy colours, including a to-die-for navy and black combination.

It’s taken a year for the Boy Bag to catch my eye, but now I can’t get it out of my head. How about you – are you a yay or nay on this Chanel bag?

xx, S

Images via Purse Blog

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