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Charlotte Olympia’s Cosmic Collection of Horoscope Inspired Accessories

If I read my horoscope today, I’m certain it would be predicting a fabulous new bag or shoe acquisition in my immediate future, and it would be right. Charlotte Olympia‘s just-launched Cosmic collection is irresistible to astrology and accessories fans alike, and I’m both.

“I’ve always had a thing for all things mystical,” says designer Charlotte Dellal. “I don’t live by astrology but I do love to know other people’s signs; I’m quite good at guessing.”

Dubbed “Birthday Shoes” and “Zodiac Pandora,” the line-up features 12 crystal-embellished loafer designs and 12 matching handpainted Perspex box clutches. Each star sign is represented, from a bull against a black setting for Taurus to a set of scales against a soft blue background for Libra (my sign!).

“I’m a Gemini and they’re supposed to be youthful and witty which is something I try to apply to my work—I enjoy a good giggle! However I much relate to the indecisiveness, and I’m often of two minds about something,” she says. “Usually I like my own sign best, but this collection makes it really hard to pick favorites.”

I’d have to agree. The entire line, which retails at USD$695 for the shoes and USD$995 for the clutches on Net-a-Porter and will be arriving at The Room at The Bay‘s online shop in May, is completely swoon-worthy. Will you be repping your horoscope sign with a new Charlotte Olympia accessory this spring? Take a gander at the gallery below for the complete collection.

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