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Banana Is My Business

When Charlotte Dellal was in town last year for The Room at the Bay‘s The Next British Invasion event, she sported a certain pair of fruit-themed peep-toe pumps from the Charlotte Olympia Spring 2011 collection. From an elegant evening look to a chic day ensemble, the surprisingly versatile pumps brought a pop of colour and some cheek to both of her outfits. I’ve been dying for a pair ever since!

After an arduous 7-month wait, I finally acquired the most coveted pair of shoes on my Spring 2011 wishlist yesterday, thanks to The Room and Creative Director Nicholas Mellamphy‘s ingenious buying. I wanted to take my very first pair of Charlotte Olympias out for a spin immediately, but with a pair of fancy new kicks and nowhere to go, I settled for an impromptu photo shoot instead.

Sadly, some of my models won’t be making it past this weekend, but my new Charlotte Olympia Banana is My Business pumps will be in my shoe rotation for a long time to come!

xx, S

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