The New Year’s Style Resolutions We’re Going to Try Really, Really Hard to Keep

No one’s really very good at keeping New Year’s resolutions (except Beyonce, probably, because Queen Bey wins at everything in life), and we’re definitely not exempt. We’re not going to lie to you and say that (1) we’re going to stop shopping (never going to happen), (2) start training for a marathon (even less likely than #1), or (3) [insert some other impossible task we're doomed to fail at]. But, we do have some style-related resolutions that we’re going to try our damndest to keep in 2014, so we’re going to share them with you so that we’re held accountable to someone other than ourselves. Because answering to just each other just hasn’t done the job in previous years.

So what’s on our list of new year’s resolutions? More, more, and more. Because it all sounds so much more enticing when framed with ‘more’ rather than ‘less’.


After our Boxing Day shopping spree, the urge to shop, shop, and shop some more should be out of our systems for at least a few days months, but we resolve to rein in our addiction for the rest of the year. Whereas our motto was previously “buy now, think later”, we plan to think a little harder about our purchases before plunking down our hard-earned cash going forward. Just because we love, love, love it, doesn’t mean we have to have it. We’ll be reminding ourselves that it can be enough just to admire from afar and that no one has actually ever died from not owning a particular pair of shoes. Restraint is especially needed during sale season, when sales goggles have caused the purchase of more than a few items that have been the wrong size or that just don’t fit our lifestyle in the past. No more of that in 2014.


We’re planning to shop less this year, but fully intend to be just as creative with our style. That means searching the deepest, darkest corners of our own closet for forgotten gems, and contriving new outfits out of oldies but goodies. We’ll continue to mix high with low, soft with hard, girly with menswear-inspired to keep things fresh. We’ll try new silhouettes, new colour palettes and new designers. We might even attempt a DIY project or two…maybe. Bottom line: we’re going to experiment. The results might not always be pretty – we’re known to falter now and then – but hopefully the outfits we do get right will make up for the ones that unintentionally assault your eyes.


If we’re going to be more creative and experimental with our ensembles this year, then we may as well show them off a little, or at least use them as examples of what not to wear, right? We got a bit lazy about personal style posts in 2013, but we have grand plans to bring them back with a vengeance. We’ve even perfected our sparrow faces in preparation. So be ready to see our mugs just a little more on this here blog in the coming months…just as soon as the temperature outside gets a little friendlier. Goosebumps and frostbite don’t go well with Chanel and Charlotte Olympia.

That’s it – 3 simple new year’s resolutions that should be easy-peasy to follow for 365 days. Wish us luck! And feel free to call us out if it looks like we’re falling off the wagon. We could use some tough love. But not too tough, OK?

Image Credits: Tatler UK, Vogue US

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