The Backseat Stylers Wear Canada on!

When Ryan Michael Cheung of FLARE contacted me about participating in the magazine’s Wear Canada initiative, the only question in my mind was, “What to wear?!“. With a range of Canadian talent in my closet, it was a tough decision, but I landed on a rather predictable choice: Smythe. Anyone who’s followed this blog for even a minute knows I have a serious addiction to Smythe jackets:

“The first time I spotted this Smythe tartan equestrian jacket, back in the Fall of 2009, it was love at first sight. The red plaid, contrast leather elbow patches and flattering fit reeled me right in. Just when I think I can’t possibly justify buying another Smythe blazer, designers Christie Smythe and Andrea Lenczer surprise me again with yet another colour and fabric combination I just can’t live without. The fact that this talented duo is Canadian, and their designs made in Canada, is a bonus.”

But one plaid blazer, as fabulous as it is, does not an outfit make, so I paired it with my favourite Pink Tartan blouse for an extra dose of Canadian fashion power, and threw on some Thakoon pants and Brian Atwood boots (purchased at least from a Canadian retailer, The Room at the Bay) to round out the ensemble. Thanks Ryan and FLARE for including me and my sartorial ode to Canadian fashion in your feature!

Check out the complete gallery on here to see all 22 of the lovely bloggers from across the country. And be sure to join us in showing our national pride on October 19, and wear Canada!

xx, S

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