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Toronto Fashion Week: Philip Sparks Fall 2011

Having lived in Toronto all my life (the ‘burbs count too!), I consider myself to be a city girl through and through. I’m not outdoors-y, unless you consider pounding the pavement on the hunt for designer shoe sales time well spent in the great outdoors. I don’t camp, I don’t play outdoor sports, and the thought of me doing either would make those who know me laugh out loud. What I can do, however, is look the part of a chic outdoors-y type quite well. I’m about the plaid, for example. And I’m forever trekking around in boots that look like they’re meant for some heavy duty activity that I will probably never, ever take part in. Don the right gear and I can almost fool myself, so when I ventured into the countrified world that Philip Sparks created for his Fall 2011 collection earlier this week, I felt right at home.

Sporting tweed and sheep’s fur and all rosy-cheeked, the models looked as if they had just stepped out of a winter wonderland where the snow is always powdery, the temperature cold but not too cold, and the spiked hot cocoa never runs out. From shawl collar coats to plaid button-downs to penguin suits, the collection was a lovely countrified chic that’s perfectly suited for Canadian winters. The womens’ contrast lapel tuxedo and wool toggle coats were right up my alley. The message I took away from the presentation was simple: baby, it’s cold outside, but throw on some Philip Sparks duds and let’s chop some firewood, ride a sleigh or two, climb a couple of mountains…and look glam doing it.

xx, S

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