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Toronto Fashion Week: Lucian Matis Fall 2012

World Mastercard Fashion Week, Toronto’s official fashion week, officially kicked off on Monday, March 11 with none other than Lucian Matis, the Project Runway Canada alumnus turned couturier, almost. ” I wouldn’t call myself a couturier because I’m not, but it’s all hand done, it’s very organic, it’s very labour intensive,” said the designer of the latest collection for his eponymous line.

Presented in the grand setting of the Fairmont Royal York’s ballroom, Matis’ breathtaking Fall 2012 collection – couture or not – set the bar impossibly high for the rest of the week. As with every Lucian Matis collection to date, there was high drama. The regal backdrop was the perfect stage for the stunning stream of models that glided past in black lace and feather-embellished gowns, styled impeccably from their braids to their intricate nail art to their shoes.

Each gown was more stunning than the last, and drew me further and further into the deliciously dark fantasy world that Matis had created. When the last model turned the corner out of sight, there wasn’t a woman in that room, I’m certain, who wasn’t daydreaming about donning one of those gorgeous dresses for a glamourous night on the town. In fact, I must confess that I’m still in that wonderful dream.

xx, S

Image Credits: Featured photos by The Backseat Stylers, all others by Jenna Marie Wakani

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