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Toronto Fashion Week – Holt Renfrew Presents Spring 2011

After the VAWK show last Monday, LG Fashion Week officially kicked off with the Holt Renfrew Presents event, which featured selected looks from the Spring 2011 collections of Denis Gagnon, Jeremy Laing, Lida Baday, Line RUNWAY, Mikhael Kale, Pink Tartan, Smythe, Wayne Clark, and Wings + Horns. Line and Pink Tartan were on the schedule to show their full collections later in the week, but for the others it was a sneak peek into what they have in store for Spring. I must confess, though, that I went to the show with a one-track mind – for me, it was all about Smythe, Smythe, Smythe. I’m a self-proclaimed Smythe addict of the first order, so the opportunity to get a sneak preview of the Spring collection isn’t one I’m likely to pass up. I dragged my photographer for the evening and fellow Smythe addict, J, along for the ride.

Sending out only 5 looks, Smythe managed to get it spot on for me with 2 of them. If I was at all convinced that I already owned more Smythe equestrian jackets than a girl could ever need (see here, here and here), I was proven dead wrong. I want/need/can’t live without the olive-coloured version with contrast leather elbow patches! In fact, I’d wear it now if I could get my hands on one. This jacket just shot to the top of my Spring 2011 wish list.

The pale yellow take would be mine as well, if I could make it work with my colouring. Although, maybe it’s better for my pocketbook that it doesn’t. Either way, the styling of Smythe’s looks was so fun and summery that it’s a miracle I came away with only one must-have for Spring…so far.

Outside of Smythe, the rest of the show was just gravy. Holt Renfrew presented a very well-curated show of top Canadian designers with an interesting mix of aesthetics.

Jeremy Laing Spring 2011

After seeing Jeremy Laing’s masterfully layered designs in person for the first time, I definitely get why he’s such a big deal right now. His pieces give off an effortlessly cool vibe, with just the right touch of drama.

Line RUNWAY Spring 2011

Line blew me away. My first experience with Line was a few years ago, when I bought a draped-front cardigan and lived in it for an entire fall/winter season. I wasn’t sure what to expect from their RUNWAY collection, but they knocked it out of the park with exquisite knits in a warm, soft colour palette. I found myself unexpectedly very excited for their LGFW debut later in the week!

Pink Tartan Spring 2011

Rightly or wrongly, Pink Tartan is always a highly-anticipated show for me each season. Kimberly Newport-Mimran would be showing her full Spring collection the next night, but at the Holt Renfrew event she gave a sneak peek that really whetted my appetite for brightly-coloured prints.

Wayne Clark Spring 2011

Wayne Clark brought drama to the show with a series of glamourous red gowns that would be perfect for any red carpet.

Mikhael Kale Spring 2011

Mikhael Kale’s final look was this gorgeous concoction that was part figure skater, part pageant queen, but that somehow really worked.

Denis Gagnon Spring 2011

Denis Gagnon had the honour of holding the final show of LGFW, and on Monday at the opening event he gave Toronto just a taste of what was to come at the end. It was all about the degrade fringe and, boy, was it hot – this coming from a complete neophyte when it comes to wearing anything fringed.

The Holt Renfrew show was a great way to kick off LGFW – it set the bar high for the rest of the week! Thanks to Smythe and Holt Renfrew PR…and you too, J!

xx, S

On me: Smythe equestrian jacket, D&G blouse, leggings purchased in Hong Kong, Chanel bag, Alexander Wang booties
On J: Gucci jacket, Of Two Minds dress, Chanel pearls, Balmain boots, Gucci bag

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