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Greta Constantine Spring 2013 Runway Show

This past October, the calendar for our city’s extended 2-week long Toronto Fashion Week had a notable omission. Greta Constantine had decided to defer what is usually one of the most highly anticipated and well-attended shows each season. Their glamourous jersey frocks, the bread and butter of designers Kirk Pickersgill and Stephen Wong, were certainly missed.

Fast forward a month or so and the fashion week-attending crowd had been summoned to the Fermenting Cellar in Toronto’s Distillery District for a long-awaited Spring 2013 runway show from the Greta boys. The timing was genius, really. Presenting their latest collection outside the madness that is TFW meant that attendees could focus on Greta and Greta alone. And boy did we.

From the moment the first look came down the runway, we knew we were in for a fabulous treat. Gone, for the most part, were the drapey gowns we covet so much, replaced by body-hugging, equally sexy alternatives for next spring’s red carpet opportunities. It felt like a new Greta, a Greta we never knew was missing from our lives but immediately embraced.

The line-up of LBDs were to-die-for, as always, but the head-to-toe white looks were an unexpectedly girly delight. “I want to buy the entire collection, fly to Paris and eat croissants,” I whispered to Anita Clarke, wide-eyed as I watched the chicly-attired models glide by. She laughed, but I meant it. I’d been transported out of my seat to a café date on a lovely summer’s day in Paris, and I’m not sure all of me has come back yet to my frigid winter Toronto reality.

xx, S

Image Credits: George Pimentel

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