[FAT] Toronto Alternative Arts & Fashion Week 2010

Being a newbie to the whole [FAT] Toronto Alternative Arts & Fashion Week scene, I was looking forward to my first dose of alternative fashion, but sadly only managed to make it out to one night of shows due to other commitments. With lust as the theme for the night and Refined by Evan Biddell – one of the most highly anticipated shows of the week – on the schedule, I certainly picked a good night to show my face. M was my partner-in-crime for the evening and I was happy to be able to navigate through our first [FAT] experience together.

M and I started the night backstage courtesy of our lovely hosts Jacquie and Melissa from MAKE UP FOR EVER, who created and applied all of the makeup looks for the week. With a different emotion as the theme for each day of [FAT] and several makeup looks to evoke each emotion, Jacquie, Melissa and their team certainly had their hands full. Whether it was stenciled-in eyebrows or purple lipstick, the looks made strong statements with bold use of colour, perfectly complemented the clothing designs and generally just reeked of fearlessness. Of the slightly less adventurous type, M and I managed to wrangle some product recommendations from Jacquie (pictured chatting with M), who was more than willing to impart some of her wisdom on us. Not having previously been exposed to the MAKE UP FOR EVER line, I’m looking forward to testing out some of their products myself in the near future.

All of that preparation backstage was, of course, for a few minutes of glory on the [FAT] runway, and so it was time for the evening’s main event (for us) – Refined by Evan Biddell.

Refined, a collaboration between Toronto Fashion Week regular and Project Runway Canada Season 1 winner Evan Biddell and Cher Thornton from The Refinery, was a considerably more wearable but no less glamorous and in-your-face collection than Biddell’s TOFW effort a few short weeks ago. The reworked trenches were collection highlights for me. Always a show to behold, Biddell’s fierce designs stood out that much more on the runway thanks to the cast of characters he sent them on – 10 of his friends, including Toronto fashion personalities like Sarah Nicole Prickett and Gail McInnes.

The rest of the shows that night were, admittedly, a bit of a blur. Finding ourselves seatless after our gallivants backstage, M and I were left to enjoy the shows standing by the photographers’ pit. Squatting to get the shots in 4.5-inch Louboutins that caused unbelievable pain and then a scary numbness in my feet, I found it difficult to concentrate on what was happening in front of me. No pain, no gain, they say. If that’s the case – why were my photos still so damned crappy?

xx, S

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8 comments to [FAT] Toronto Alternative Arts & Fashion Week 2010

  • theowlsarenotwhattheyseem

    these photos are great- it looks like so much fun! i really like the crazy styling, and particularly love that 2nd look with the romper. ~joelle

  • Giselle

    great capture of the show!!! the leather shorts and leather studded jacket i heart!

  • Chris (

    Make up for ever is ALL KINDS OF amazing. Their stuff is top grade! Especially their foundations and eyeshadows… give them a try for sure :]

    I think these images turned out wonderfully!

  • Ruta, Look Ugly in a Photograph

    Oh, I wanted to go there, but I got lazy and didn't buy tickets. :(

  • The Backseat Stylers

    Joelle – Thanks! Lately I've been debating whether I can pull off a romper myself. I'm thinking not a leather one though… ;o)

    Giselle – That studded jacket is amazing! Sometimes I get all caught up in trying to get a photo and don't really process what I'm seeing through the lens. It wasn't until I was looking over my shots for this post that I saw the jacket and was like "DAMN, that's hot"!

    Chris – The makeup artists at FAT were doing the most wonderfully wild things with the MAKE UP FOR EVER line. I asked for some product recommendations for someone (i.e. ME) who's looking to start to be more adventurous with colour. We'll see where this goes!

    Ruta – You should definitely check FAT out next year! It's a great time – I just don't recommend standing in too high heels. ;o)

  • Style Blog

    Looks like you had a blast!!! Great pics! :)

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