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Toronto Fashion Week: Evan Biddell Fall 2010

LG Fashion Week wrapped up days ago and I’m only getting around to posting about it now. I was so exhausted at the end of last week, because of a combination of fashion and non-fashion exploits, that I needed all of Easter weekend to recharge. Things are still hectic on the personal front, but I’m back in the blogging game and ready to share my Fashion Week adventures.

Though it wasn’t officially on the calendar, Mr. Backseat Styler and I attended the VAWK Fall 2010 show on Day 2 and then proceeded to skip all the official Fashion Week goings on for the day. Backstage at the VAWK show filled me with enough glee to last several days and I didn’t want any potential mediocrity to ruin my high, so I laid low until Evan Biddell’s show at the end of Day 3. Since his first appearance as a contestant on Project Runway Canada Season 1, Biddell has brought a unique aesthetic that hasn’t been seen on any other runway. I knew Biddell’s was not a show to be missed, and I was right.

Though the looks Biddell put on the runway were bookended by pieces made in prints that were clearly not for the conservative crowd, he was sure to include a number of black pieces in the middle for those who are willing to be adventurous in design rather than colour. Though wild prints, fringe and high shine metallics are not for me, I can still appreciate Biddell’s innovative spirit and high quality construction.

While much of the collection was too bold for little ol’ me, the hands-down highlight of the show was this animal print dress. When I caught glimpse of this fierceness coming down the runway – well, it took a helluva lot of restraint not to howl in approval. Or clap; I suppose that would be more civilized.

At the end of the show, I must admit that I felt just the slightest twinge of disappointment. It wasn’t the collection itself per se, but rather my own expectations. Biddell’s Spring 2010 show completely blew me away, and I was looking for Fall 2010 to top it. It may have fallen a bit short in my mind, but one thing’s for certain – Biddell will never be accused of being boring. And now that his Fall 2010 show has come and gone, I’ll have to get my next dose of Biddell excitement with a visit to his new digs.

xx, S

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