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Aime Spring 2010

I must admit that when it comes to Aime, I may just be a little bit biased. Since Aime’s inaugural show at LG Fashion Week last season, the label has become a favourite of mine – and not just because Monica Mei is my one designer friend. It just so happens that Monica is amazing at what she does – her collections are always able to strike the perfect balance between timeless and current, romantic and edgy, sophisticated and fun. The Aime pieces I’ve picked up over the past few seasons have become staples in my closet, so I expected nothing less but an inspired show on day 4 of LG Fashion Week, and that’s exactly what we got.

I was pleasantly surprised by the punches of pastel colour and unexpected use of prints throughout the collection. Is that bright yellow lemony-fresh dress for me? Well, admittedly, no. But that’s why Monica made the LBD version – so that those of us not adventurous enough to wade into pastel territory can still rock the uber-cool tassel-belted dress (definitely on my Want Right Now list). Aime staples from seasons past were also reinvented in new fabrics and colours…making it oh so tempting to buy that same hot skirt or top season after season. Which reminds me that I must also have that ridiculously chic light grey jersey jacket (below) right now.

The bottom line? There was something fabulous for everyone, which is a feat rather difficult to accomplish and which I can’t quite say any other designer achieved this week. Monica Mei continues to delight with her fresh outlook on what the confident and sexy woman should be wearing these days, and I’ll be sure to knock on her door in a few months for my new spring wardrobe.

xx, S

Image Credits: BlogTO

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