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A VAWK Down Memory Lane

FASHION Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief Bernadette Morra in VAWK at the Spring 2011 collection launch at The Room

If you’re a VAWK fan, then you’ve likely seen the work of Toronto-based photographer Spencer Xiong. Spencer has been the label’s official photographer since it’s re-launch, shooting all the action backstage, in the audience, and on the runway at VAWK’s shows. He does a much better job of it than I do, too. When Spencer recently sent me a link to his portfolio, I was blown away, and instantly wanted to share my favourite shots with all of you.

Check out Spencer Xiong’s stunning VAWK portfolio in its entirety here. If you do, you might just catch a glimpse or two of yours truly – sitting back row at my very first VAWK show, interviewing VAWK Creative Director Sunny Fong, or chatting up VAWK Business Director Ben Barry for the first time. Thank you, Spencer, for capturing some of my most memorable VAWK moments to date, without me even realizing it.

VAWK Creative Director Sunny Fong at his studio

VAWK Business Director Ben Barry in the coolest blazer ever. Period.

xx, S

Images Credits: Spencer Xiong

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