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The Winner of America’s Next Top Model Cycle 16 is…Brittani Kline!

Last night Tyra Banks and her posse of judges, including Nigel Barker, André Leon Talley and Jay Manuel, crowned America’s Next Top Model…Brittani Kline!

Kline was named the winner of ANTM Cycle 16 over runner-up Molly O’Connell after 12 episodes of photo shoots, makeovers, runway shows, and all the drama you’d expect with 14 would-be models living under the same roof. Her prizes included a $100,000 contract with CoverGirl Cosmetics, a contract with IMG Models, the cover of Beauty In Vogue and fashion spreads in Vogue Italia and Beauty In Vogue.

Was Kline deserving of the title? Decide for yourself – check out her entire ANTM body of work.

By the way, if you haven’t yet seen Cycle 15 winner Ann Ward’s Vogue Italia editorial yet, give it a gander here.

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21 comments to The Winner of America’s Next Top Model Cycle 16 is…Brittani Kline!

  • tricia

    it should have been molly, hands down in regards to her looks. but to be honest, with such a stinky attitude, unless she made a complete 180 i wouldn’t to work with her on any job. she’s an angry debbie downer.

  • haven’t been following antm at all but these photos are lovely!

  • i think molly should win over brittani bacause molly won 4 best photos in 1st week and 3 times in a row in morocco
    brittani is lovely but she only won 1 best photo look at molly’s portfolio

  • Azer

    Brittani deserves to win she got the attitude to be a model. IMG will be very please to have her unlike molly, who has a very bad attitude. She can’t even cooperate with the photographer in her final shoot. And her covergirl commercial did not satisfies me. Brittani’s catwalk is way better than molly.

  • davon green

    thnk god it wasnt alexandria shiis a cry baby brittani been mhy favorite one on dis yrs americas next top model

  • I love your photo’s they look stuning.

  • I believe that brittani deserved to when because molly look like she was to mean in her photo’s.

  • brittani’s deserved to win bacause a very good super model

  • anonymous

    Molly should have won. Her Cover Girl picture looks SOOO much better than Brittani’s, and she has consistently taken breath-taking pictures the whole season. The only thing that stopped her from winning was her Cover Girl commercial where she did not come off as a Cover Girl at all, but Brittani’s commercial seemed rushed and forced. Molly’s attitude has gotten better; she is a better model.

  • Drhain

    Oh! it’s great that Brittani won she really deserves it ’cause she almost has the best shots and she is absolutely gorgeous among the rest,…but Molly also deserves to win and I admit Molly has the beauty of a goddess…congratz to Brittani

  • ava

    when tyra said, this girl has something, I new Brittani was the winner.



  • Brittani definitely deserved to be top model, i mean coming from a trailer-park… her photos are AMAZING!! i can get over her cat-walk, besides, her commercial was way more convincing the molly’s…

  • don

    Brittani was my favorite model but brittani got angry because alexandria won the challenge where she won a brand new car and since that i was supporting molly
    But Congratz Brittani

  • Irvan

    Gorgeous! Full of inspire!

  • sharman

    I am glad Brittani won over Molly and Alexandra. I got so tired of Alexandria’s drama and Molly constantly talking about her attitude because she was adopted and had abandonment issues, GET OVER IT..She is not the first child to ever be adopted…

    GREAT JOB BRITTANI…You wanted something and you went for it..It’s not always about the picture, but how present yourself as a professional not only in front of the camera but in the public eye as well.. Who says a girl from the trailer park can’t make something of themselves..Go out there and let the young audience know it doesn’t matter where you come from to succeed on life..GOOD LUCK!!!

  • your nso beautiful brittani !!
    go !

  • anastasya

    brittani….you’re so perfect,,
    I’m absolutely sure that you will win this competition,,
    cause you’re better than molly,,,
    you’re the best,
    you’re my favorite from the beginner…—

    BRITTANI ,,,yeahhh

  • sopHIE summer

    B R I T T A N I
    I’m so proud of you
    as your fanaaaaatic fans,,
    i will count your step,,
    i wanna be the winner of america’s next top model too,,
    america’s next top model cycle 18,, here i come,,..

    molly,molly,,molly,, you’re so poor,,uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

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