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The Winner of America’s Next Top Model Cycle 17 All Stars is…Lisa D’Amato!

Tonight, the ANTM judging panel of Tyra BanksNigel Barker, André Leon Talley and Jay Manuel crowned the very first ever America’s Next Top Model All StarLisa D’Amato! Or did they? D’Amato was controversially named the winner of ANTM Cycle 17 over runner-up and fan favourite Allison Harvard and disqualified contestant Angelea Preston. But why was Angelea disqualified?

Rumour has it Angelea was originally named ANTM All Star, but couldn’t keep it a secret until the show aired; she was apparently disqualified after she let news of her win slip. It’s all over Twitter, so it must be true…right? The final judging panel looks to have been re-shot with only Lisa and Allison in attendance, and the former walking away with the title of America’s Next Top Model All Star.

In addition to bragging rights, Lisa also won a $100,000 contract with CoverGirl Cosmetics, the cover of Beauty In Vogue, fashion spreads in Vogue Italia and Beauty In Vogue, a blog on, a fashion campaign with U.S. retailer Express, the chance to be a correspondent on Extra, as well as the chance to be the face of an ANTM perfume to be launched nationally.

The finale leaves so many questions swimming in my head! What do you think of Lisa being crowned the first ever America’s Next Top Model All Star? Check out her full body of work on ANTM below – did she deserve the title? What are your thoughts on Angelea’s disqualification? And were you as disappointed as I was that Allison didn’t win? Sound off in the comments section!

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Image Credits: America’s Next Top Model

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40 comments to The Winner of America’s Next Top Model Cycle 17 All Stars is…Lisa D’Amato!

  • OMG!!!! I was REALLY REALLY hoping for Allison. Lisa was the last person on my mind… seriously. WHY? And if Angelea actually won first, then I’m even more shocked… speechless. ugh. Not looking forward to seeing the episode as much anymore…

  • Kary

    I like Lisa! I’m happy she won :) Even though I reallyy like Allison too I think Lisa just has a lot more to offer. She’s fun, she’s talented, and she photographs great.

    The whole deal with Angelea though… I don’t know. When I first read that she was disqualified the thought of her winning and then blurting it out to everyone did NOT cross my mind. I did NOT think Angelea would even have a chance of winning! Lisa and Allison are just a lot stronger than she is. I am really curious as to why she was disqualified though… I’m thinking some contracting issue. Maybe she already has a contract with another (ghetto) modelling agency so she couldn’t even sign the new one if she won? Idk. But no one could she have won. Her covergirl picture wasn’t even that great.

  • Sven

    Out of the three finalists, I actually feel that Lisa LEAST deserved to win. She is very stereotypical – in my opinion – very bland and ordinary. Energy should not be the sole definition of a personality. Both Allison’s and Angelea’s personalities are much stronger – so much more unique, flavorful, and each of them added this personality to their photographs and videos. They are true all stars. And since Allison had the stronger body of photographs compared to Angelea, Allison should have won. As great of a model as Lisa was, this was not the average competition where the strongest photographs win.
    Lisa is predictable. She has the same personality as hundreds of other people that I know. She is not new. Allison could have added so much originality, individuality, so much more to the fashion industry than Lisa ever will. I love Allison so much, and I am truly disappointed in the judges’ decision.

    • alliyah

      are you insane? im not totally satisfied of how every words of you work .so you think judges are wrong ? fuck you!whoare you to tell lisa dont deserve ? ow god …i thought all americans are well trained ! but your being maleducated of what you are acting now :(

      reflect before you act

  • Asha

    I really did not enjoy the outcome of the cycle end. Allison was by far my favorite with her unique, haunting beauty. Even with the difficulities her eyes posed, her brand was the only one I felt sold. I liked Lisa’s positive attitude, but could barely handle how over the top she was. Irrating, and annoying to the max with a look I found to be old. I am shocked at the idea that Angelea could have potentially been the original winner because she wouldn’t have even made my all star list! I suppose her blog win could have played a part. Overall, not impressed:(

  • pixie

    I like everyone else wanted Alison to win and had them ranked: Alison, Angelea then Lisa so I was pretty ticked Lisa won. What really annoyed me though while watching the final episode tonight was it was SO OBVIOUS how much Tyra has to do with selecting the photo (that evenutually gets top photo of the week or in this case overall winner).

    100′s of photos are taken at each session & I saw better pics of Alison in 2 mins of T.V. time tonight then the final photo they selected. So I knew as soon as they showed Lisa’s she had won. I used to really like this show but all season long I’ve noticed Tyra’s producer hands all over the show (seriously do you think someone as beautiful as Bianca took that many bad photo’s, come on). Tyra really needs to stop messing with the show & actually start selecting the best pic taken on the day. I think the only way this show should proceed is if the audience actually gets to determine the winner. Let the panel select up until the end & then let the audience decide! Anyone else agree?

  • S Lawrence

    Although Lisa was a bit over the top, she did work hard and was amazing with her song. I would have preferred Allison to win, she was number one photo so many times, she has originality, and I think a great personality. Who cares about the sun in the eyes issue, it can be worked around!?! As for Angelea, she was a cry baby diva and if it turned out that she won, I wouldn’t ever watch the show again! Someone pointed out the many times she was in the bottom two. Her body of work was nowhere near as good as the other two, and there was absolutely no way she should have ever won. So I think that someone up there agreed for it all to happen the way it did; they should have, however, been honest it about it on the show and say that she was disqualified so therefore Lisa as the runner up took the title. No wonder Lisa wasnt as overjoyed as she should have been. I certainly hope that Allison rises above them all and shows everyone that she is the Star of them All!

    Obviously they didnt go over the girls’ full body of work good enough if they named Angelea the original winner. That girl was horrid!!!

  • Rose

    Honestly I am happy that Lisa won to me she is beautiful and talented the whole package. Allison another favorite of mine that also had my vote to win but didn’t also very talented and beautiful in her own unique way. As for Angelea she was the worst, worst photos always bitching about her poor ghetto ass life, and if it’s true she won it was out of pity cause the girl was fugly sorry but normally I don’t say things like this but I’m glad she got disqualified, with that Congrats to my girl Lisa and Allison in my heart you also won

  • xerlynjoy lanaza

    booooooo! what happened? why didn’t Allison win when she is the most suited for the title?

  • Pretty sure I saw her on Celebrity Rehab. Not that I watch…. Really, I don’t.

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  • ysvhet

    I think Tyra always want her winners to be controversial….since the very first cycle….It is pretty obvious that some of the runner ups are always the fan favorite and (we all know) a lot better than the actual winner…and as for this cycle….Tyra take it to the next level with the disqualification controversy of angelea (that poor girl)….It’s all beyond her control

  • leonel

    Allison Harvard no gano america next top model ? , que desilucion
    queria que gane allison harvard
    saludos desde Argentina

  • Nikki

    I feel people are being FAR too harsh in their judgement of Lisa.
    DON’T GET ME WRONG! I ADOOOOORE Allison. She is incredibly talented. I was rooting for her or Lisa (or Laura or Shannon until they were eliminated) the entire time. I liked Angelea too, honestly, but Dominique pretty much had it right when she said Angelea was beautiful, but didn’t seem to believe it. From personal experience, I KNOW it is one thing to say something (like, “I’m beautiful”) and another to actually BELIEVE IT! But that’s a whole different topic.
    Basically, stop saying Lisa didn’t deserve it. She. Worked. Hard.
    On a separate note, I do feel that, unfortunately, the show is really starting to go for ratings, rather than talent. I think that’s why Whitney won her season, why Alexandria stayed on her first season so long, and some are speculating that it’s the reason Allison stayed on this season so long (She’s damn talented, but the way the show went, I don’t know if Tyra ever planned on giving the title to Allison, and the biggest part wrong about that statement is “Tyra planned.”)

  • Nikki

    Also, if you review the season, Lisa did get 3 top pictures over Allison’s two this season.

  • Angelea does deserve to win ……..lisa is to old

  • tina

    I think Lisa only has 2 good photos, the third and last. others are bad or flat. however her personallty is so strong, and more like a star than a model.
    I love Allison anyway.

  • rox

    Lisa deserves to win.She has the most positive personality ,more memorable, she is way more energetic, her personality is more lovable and she is driven..this was ALL Star… it was not only for modelling if it was then Allison should have won… but no matter how you see it Angelea shouldn’t have been in the top 3… she is a drama queen,over emotional she’s ok but she doesn’t compare to Allison & her personality always feeling like a victim of life or of her peers… PLEASE…
    i would still like to know the real reason why she got kick out but i’m happy she didn’t win.

  • mark

    1.Allison 2.Angelea 3.Lisa
    Lisa shouldn not have won!!!! She was Tyra’s favourite and it was obvious! She looks like a 50 year old drag queen and her photos were plain and unoriginal! So many poeple are like her where as Allison and Agelea had something different about them that hadn’t been seen in the past! If Tyra knew what was good for her she would take the prize right back!!!

  • Dallison

    i really love Allison. i think that she will b the winner but everyth..
    i wonder y the runner up is more popular than the winner? Allison is a beautiful n talent girl. really disappointed ab this result. in my heart, Allison is number ONE.Lisa doesnt deserve this title.i always root for u! ALLISON <3

  • Lisa is the best…she really deserve to win..she got star quality and very good persona..Allison just can tkae a great picture but doesnt look like a all star winner…

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  • carrie

    which comes first, the modelling or the personality? is this a miss congeniality contest?

  • snow

    i really love Allison♥
    I was really hoping Allison won.
    I think Lisa should not have won.

  • Sheila

    Lisa is much more commercial than Allison. Allison at time is a little scary. Her big eyes look like they are coming out of her head. I do not find they attractive at all. She is so pail and can not walk the runway as a model should. How did she make it this far? WHen the ladies take the makeup off, Allison is down right scary. I wish her well but she is no top model im my book.

  • Pissed off

    Allison got robbed…..TWICE! She made it to the end but didn’t win? On her first cycle she was amazing but didn’t win….this cycle she definitely got robbed. Of course they would choose Lisa since her personality made the show earn money. I swear I was about to pull my hair out. Allison had.more fans pluses the judges loved her! Lisa is a show girl. An actress, a singer, but a model. For all of you people who think Allison’s eyes are way too big, those eyes are what make her unique. Lisa is a, well drag queen, Allison must’ve felt robbed. She is the most cutest, unique, doll-like person j have ever seen. Trya yet made another wrong decision once again. Including the judges too. Previous photos before The judges adored Allison. Lisa wont get far because some serious photoshoots wont fit her daring outgoing personality. Allison should’ve been the first winner, over Angelea! But I love Angelea to…716! Lisa was my least favorite. When you look in the future right now Allison has become a successful model with a national campaign while Lisa still preforms. Sure she has bragging right buts the prizes she won just lasted a short time. She is still and only will be a performer. I don’t hats her…it’s just I’m petty furious.

  • Forest

    I really don’t understand why the strongest always ended up as runner up… Allison is far more talented than Lisa… Allison commercial shoot is brilliant… She is pretty, cute and funny… But why?!?!? Both cycle Allison was a runner up… It’s too unfair… Allison deserve to be ANTM All Star… Angelea? Drama queen… Lisa? Face look too old to be a model… Get over with it Tyra… Allison is the winner…

  • Kaylen


  • Snap

    OMFG!!!!! I Absolutely DESPISE Lisa!!!! She is the nastiest most annoying piece of crap!!! I didn’t like Angelea either, but I so much would have preferred her to win! I am an Allison fan 1000000% she should have one the first time and she should have won this time. I am completely discusted with Lisa, I hate her personality, I think she so far away from high fashion and she is just an ugly person all around. She is a complete disgrace to modelling. She makes me want to vomit. And I am not a hateful person. Wow, makes me not want to watch the show anymore if THAT is what they think is a top model. Gross!

  • brice

    lisa mama you merit it my dear you are the best and i always wished you had it. thats great my dear becausse i like girls like you who are natural.we love you from will always remain in our minds.God always protect you.

  • mariah

    I was hoping for allíson is. Amazing person.She’s the best supermodel for me

  • lisa

    Does any1 know yet why Angelea was disqualified.

  • dani

    I voted for Allison in cycle 12 since I saw her and when she didn’t win I was so angry and when the new cycle came I was. Happy and out of breath (lol) and now she lost again she deserves to win she has: the potentially, the courage, strength, face, spirit and DREAMS

  • dani

    I voted for Allison in cycle 12 since I saw her and when she didn’t win I was so angry and when the new cycle came I was. Happy and out of breath (lol) and now she lost again she deserves to win she has: the personality, the courage, strength, face, spirit and DREAMS!!!!! :(

  • Suzie

    In South Africa we are only seeing the ALL STARS cycle now (January 2013) and I am SO disappointed to find out that Lisa won, that I won’t be watching the show any longer!! I can’t bear to see that happen. She really looks like a 50 year old drag queen, or maybe even a boxer – she should take her winnings and have a nose job.
    What ever happened to Angelea, she shouldn’t have been there in the first place. Imagine someone with her attitude working with the classy people from Vogue?!
    Allison is absolutely UNIQUE and has something very special. They still use the photo shoot of her as a little bird in cycle 12 as a backdrop to the panel. She sure could work on her walk, but that will come with experience.
    You got it wrong this time Tyra!

  • ashlyn

    i loved Allison:(
    i was really hoping she would win:(
    i hasd been really excited about this cycle because
    kayla, laura, and allison were my favorites!!
    its really disapointing that lisa won
    i have no idea what the judges saw in her , she always had an excuse for every thing! it was really anoying.
    im shocked she won. i mean ou tof all of them i least expected her to make it far.
    but i do know that they picked the wrong girl to win
    allison is soooo unique! and i just Love her eyes!!

  • lucienne

    well what can i say i was supporting Lisa during the begging of the game she is the best she is wild funny she rocks i just love her and now she won. am so happy for her after all she deserved to to win wow we love u Lisa am i love her her song be like whoa she just rock the scene

  • lucienne

    wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww lisa d’amato

  • Allisonlover101

    Of course Allison should haved won Lisa was always saying stuff about her like talking about her creepy dead eyes she was a bych aren’t bychs not to win now i don’t even wanna watch the show anymore

  • Malcolm reid

    Lisa should not have won period. Angelea is the real all star and true winner !!!

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