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Missoni x Holt Renfrew Collaborate on Limited Edition Bear and Elephant for OrphanAid

Remember when Missoni collaborated with Target on a collection of pretty much everything under the sun, and we were feeling a little left out north of the border? Well we’ve got something even better coming our way: Missoni and Holt Renfrew have teamed up to bring us a limited edition stuffed animal duo!

Meet the exclusive Missoni Bear and Elephant, classic Missoni print and all. How cute are they? Each will retail for $50, and are being sold in support of OrphanAid.

“I began volunteering with OrphanAid Africa nine years ago, in its early days,” said Margherita Missoni, President of OrphanAid Africa Italia. “To see the changes and impact we have made to better the lives of children is incredible and rewarding. We are very pleased to have joined forces with Holt Renfrew. The funds raised will further strengthen our cause.”

The adorable striped pair will be available starting November 1. Also, stop by Holt Renfrew’s Bloor Street flagship in Toronto on November 8 for the opportunity to meet Margherita Missoni, Chief Accessories Designer of Missoni, who will be making a public appearance at 5:30 p.m. See you there!

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Image courtesy of Holt Renfrew

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2 comments to Missoni x Holt Renfrew Collaborate on Limited Edition Bear and Elephant for OrphanAid

  • Tina Gisondi

    I got all excited when I heard this – thought they would make a nice gift and I would at the same time be supporting a good casue. I was however very surprised at how small they are. Quite disappointing.

  • I am interested in purchasing a Holt Renfrew elephant. Am I too late?
    Please let me know if there are any left and how I may purchase one.

    Sheri Ferguson
    Baltimore, Md.

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