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Hermès Personalized Scarves Now Available at Madison Avenue Boutique

Earlier this month, I snagged quite the scarf loot at Hermès’ A Special Silk and Accessories Sale here in Toronto. It was a frenzied sale experience from start to finish, but each scarf I purchased came home with me only after much serious deliberation. Pattern, size, colourway – there’s much to consider when selecting a Hermès scarf. With the recent launch of Life in Silk, the new embroidery service offered at the Madison Avenue boutique in New York, there’s now even more to ponder.

Call it Hermès scarf by numbers. First, you choose your scarf from a select group of popular prints. Then, you decide how you want your monogram, name or message (up to 20 characters) to be embroidered on the scarf – block or script lettering? pink or purple? small or large? And a mere 1o days later you’ll find yourself the proud owner of a one-of-a-kind Hermès scarf. The service is currently available in Paris too, and is coming to the Ginza soon – Japanese characters on your foulard, anyone?

I live for sales, but even I need some time to recover from this year’s charity sale. The next time I purchase a Hermès scarf, it’s going to be in the comfort of the Madison Avenue boutique, and I’m going to take my sweet time. Block lettering in eggplant purple or turquoise script? That is the question.

xx, S


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