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Bryanboy is Joining the Cast of ‘America’s Next Top Model’

WWD reports that blogger Bryanboy has signed a contract to join the cast of America’s Next Top Model, and has already been tweeting updates about a mysterious move to Los Angeles, where Cycle 19 of the show is due to start filming shortly.

Rumours swirled last month about the possibility of the prominent fashion blogger joining ANTM‘s judging panel after the firings of long-time cast members Jay Manuel, J. Alexander and Nigel Barker. When model Rob Evans and celebrity stylist Johnny Wujek were recently announced as the new judges, along with Tyra Banks and Kelly Cutrone, I assumed the rumblings about a blogger judge were false. It seems I thought wrong.

Remember how excited I was when the back of my head appeared on an episode of ANTM Cycle 18 for a split second? Bryanboy is pretty much living out my dream right now. So will I we be watching? Damn right I will, so that if he fails, I’ll be ready to take over. Hear that, Tyra?


Bryanboy confirmed the news, tweeting, “Excited with my new role on cycle 19 of America’s next top model”, but has since removed the tweet from his feed. I’m guessing his new boss Tyra gave him the smackdown for tweeting out of turn. He’s since been tweeting non-stop about ANTM filming and his new cast members though, so it must be official!

xx, S

Image Credit: Bryanboy

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