LCBO Classic Cocktails: A 1960′s Soiree with Mad Men Costume Designer Janie Bryant

On Feb 3, 2011, Mr. Backseat Styler and I got all decked out in our 1960′s best for a night out on the town courtesy of the LCBO. Held at the Carlu in Toronto, everyone from Suzanne Rogers and Ainsley Kerr to Toronto’s twitterati and fashion blogging crowd showed up to take a swig or two of a Cosmopolitan in honour of the LCBO’s Classic Cocktails and the evening’s guest of honour, Mad Men costume designer Janie Bryant.

In between martinis, I had the opportunity to chat with the lovely Bryant, who was all glam in a gorgeous red St. John number.

BSS: How has working on Mad Men affected your own personal style – does it draw you more towards the 60′s, or do you get tired of that period sometimes?

JB: I always love to incorporate vintage. For me it’s not so much about the 1960′s – it could be from any period. I like to have that one, extraordinary vintage piece. Actually, a piece that I wear every day is my great aunt’s dinner ring from the 1930′s. I’ve worn it every day since I was 11. She gave it to me when I was 11; I didn’t know what I was getting at the time. She really got me into vintage.

BSS: What are your best sources of vintage for the show?

JB: I have a lot of stores that I go to in Los Angeles, and I also work with a dealer who collects from all over the country. He specializes in film. There are also the costume rental houses.

BSS: Has there been a significant change in the costuming from the first season of Mad Men to the latest?

JB: Yes, it really has this lovely, slow progression from season to season. I always think that one of the biggest challenges about designing the show is merging the seasons together and having that seamless flow.

BSS: So are the show’s costumes going mod soon?

JB: You’ll have to wait and see!

Bryant also gave my lace ensemble her stamp of approval! She declared that she loved my dress (it was a top and skirt, but who cares?) and I cheered (on the inside, mostly).

A bartender mixing 2 of LCBO’s classic cocktails

Sara Hiscox and Ainsley Kerr

Me and Spiro Mandylor from It’s All Style To Me

My pick for best dressed of the evening!

Partygoers looking 60′s stylish from head to toe

Amanda Petriglia and her crazy wonderful vintage jacket

Me and Lisa Ng from Hip Urban Girl

Designer Brandon R. Dwyer and friend

xx, S

P.S. Thanks to Faulhaber PR for the invite!

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