A Peek Inside the Hermès Swinging Silk Dance Party in Toronto

Beckerman sisters

Hermès sure knows how to throw a party. The purveyor of the world’s most coveted silks and, of course, the holy grail Birkin bag threw a Swinging Silk dance bash last week in Toronto. Many of the city’s most fashionable arrived sporting their favourite silks at the brilliantly decorated Berkeley Church for a group swing dancing lesson, as well as a temporary tattoo station and requisite photo booth.

Classic 90 x 90 scarves hung from the rafters as partygoers including FLARE and FASHION‘s respective editors-in-chief Miranda Purves and Bernadette Morra, socialite Suzanne Rogers, and the perpetually, perfectly in costume Beckerman clan danced the night away. The dress code was specific and most adhered to it: silk scarves, skirts and ballet shoes for the ladies and slicked back hair and tuxedo or zoot suits for the gentlemen. Yours truly decided that a tux with a twist was in order, as did Nelia Belkova, my partner-in-crime for the evening.

Check out the gallery below for shots from one of the most fun events in the city so far this year. If they have you lusting for a new Hermès scarf, you’re in luck, because the company recently launched its Canadian website and is offering complimentary ground shipping until November 2, 2012.

And while you’re waiting on that unmistakeably orange box to arrive on your doorstep, give this fascinating piece on Kermit Oliver, the American artist designing scarves for Hermès, a read.

Nelia Belkova, Ryan M. Cheung and me

Suzanne Rogers

HELLO! Canada’s Lisa Tant and Shrimpton Couture’s Cherie Federau

xx, S

Image Credits: George Pimentel

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  • WOW, looks like a blast!! I have the Hermes Scarf coffee table book and constantly pull it out to look at the beautiful prints and colours. Nobody makes a scarf like Hermes!

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