ANTM All Stars Winner Lisa D’Amato’s Vogue Italia Spread Is Out!

America’s Next Top Model All Stars winner Lisa D’Amato‘s Vogue Italia spread is finally out! The 30-year-old would-be model was crowned Top Model on Cycle 17 of the show last December, and has officially cashed in on one of her prizes – an editorial in Italian Vogue‘s April 2012 issue. Check out the images below, and watch behind-the-scenes footage from the photo shoot here.

And that’s not all she’s been up to since the finale aired. “I’m the face of Dream Come True, which is the first ‘ANTM’ fragrance,” said Lisa. “I shot my Italian Vogue and Beauty in Vogue, those come out in May and June … I shoot my Express campaign in May.”

Take a look at her ANTM All Stars portfolio - has she come a long way since the show wrapped? What do you think of her spread, and how does it stack up against the Vogue Italia editorials of Cycle 16 winner Brittani Kline and Cycle 15 winner Ann Ward? Share in the Comments!

P.S. While we’re at it, let’s re-watch Lisa’s ANTM music video. Just for fun.

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10 comments to ANTM All Stars Winner Lisa D’Amato’s Vogue Italia Spread Is Out!

  • Dani T

    Is it just me, or does she seem to have the same blank stare in every picture? I don’t think Tyra would be very impressed with her smizing! I think Brittani’s spread was so much prettier, she seems like a much stronger model

  • I don’t find the pictures impressive at all. Out of the three who recently got a chance to be in Vogue Italia, Ann Ward got the best Vogue photos. I’m pretty sure it would have been different if Allison won. Just saying. x

  • Rae

    I am sooo sick of people hating on Lisa D’Amato. GET OVER IT! She won! and no matter how much u guys hate, it’s not gonna change anything. Then again maybe u should continue to hate, Lisa isn’t the type to fold under pressure like most. She is beautiful and multi talented. People dont like the fact that she is overly confident and maybe so. Aren’t most celebs tht way? Anyway I LOVE LISA D’AMATO and I wish u the best in all of your success! Oh and believe me haters there will be plenty more success for her

  • Pissed off

    I wont get over it! NEVER cause I’m a fan. Allison looks like vogue..remember during the hair and makeup for the vogue shoot? When they bleached Allison’s eyebrows, Angelea said she looked like vogue, I heard vogueItalian were not happy with her pictures but just went with it.

    Success.for Lisa? She is a performer! Not a model!

    I’m sorry but I will never get over it.

    Allison got robbed twice

    Her last cycle and this one

    She made it to the end ht lost twice

    I’m ashamed

  • Charlotte

    Well to tell the truth it should be Angelea in those pictures because we all know she won. It was confirmed. But I do like Allison and really Lisa does not look all that bad.

  • Tee

    Lisa looks more mature and sophisticated in these photos than on Antm. She also seems to be more slender. Now that I’ve seen this Italian Vogue spread, I feel that she was actually the best pick. Allison would have looked too childlike to do this spread, and Angelea would have brought a distasteful ghetto element which would have made the photos off-putting. Lisa is just the right blend of adult, subdued elegance. Good for her!

  • sonjin

    It’s too boring for me… Have you seen Ann and Brittani’s, it was interesting. If I didn’t know Lisa was an ANTM winner I wouldn’t stop to check on these…

    Allison would have been great.

  • Ava

    Her face annoys me. I cant even see the clothes because her face has no beauty or edge to it. Tyra made a bad decision. Allison was such an artistic beauty. She was too good for ANTM.

  • Noris

    No one deserved the award better than Lisa… she was all in one, true that Allison is beautiful, there’s just something fake about her!!!!

  • kim

    I love Lisa! She is Crazy, sexy & so cool. I was elated she finally won! I am also a huge fan of creepy chan – Allison, but there is only a place for 1 winner. Disappointed Lisa didn’t win Cycle 5, but really happy she finally came through! She is a beautiful, confident, interesting, fun model! I wish I can meet her someday! Kisses, hugs & congrats to Lisa!

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