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A Peek in the Backseat: Chanel Camellia Necklace

Five years ago, I spotted Rihanna on the cover of Seventeen‘s December 2007 issue sporting a lovely Chanel camellia necklace around her neck. I knew immediately I had to have it. Chanel’s camellia is iconic, and this particular piece would add just the right amount of sparkle to any evening look.

The search for it, however, would take me much longer and farther than I anticipated. It wasn’t until the Mister and I took a trip down to Hawaii several months later that I would happen across it at the Chanel boutique at Ala Moana, one of my favourite places to shop in the world. There was only one left, sitting all by its lonesome in the back of a jewelry drawer, as if it had been waiting patiently for me to come rescue it all those months. It (along with the photos of me surfing on Waikiki beach!) was the perfect souvenir from my one-year wedding anniversary trip.

In fact, I loved the necklace so much, I managed to track down its matching bracelet in Houston, TX a little while later. Whomever warned against too much of a good thing obviously never came across a Chanel camellia.

xx, S

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