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Admiring from the Backseat: Ginnifer Goodwin in H&M Conscious Collection

I’ve been a big fan of Ginnifer Goodwin‘s style ever since she donned a gorgeous green custom Topshop dress to last year’s Met Ball. Sporting a design by a fast fashion retailer on one of the most glamourous red carpets of the year takes sartorial courage, of which Ginnifer isn’t lacking apparently, because she just did it again this past weekend at the 2012 White House Correspondents’ Dinner. The actress wore a stunning gown by H&M – yes, that H&M! – to The White House for a fancy dinner with the Obamas. Impressive.

The limited edition evening dress with organza crease plissé meringue skirt is from H&M’s red carpet Conscious Collection, and sold for a mere $299 when it launched earlier this month. Not only was Ginnifer’s dress environmentally-friendly and thousands of dollars cheaper than the other attendees’ gowns, but she was also best dressed of the evening, in my books. Take that, Rachel Zoe.

xx, S

Image via Just Jared

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