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Admiring from the Backseat: Anne Hathaway

There was a time, I will confess, when I thought Anne Hathaway was a terrible actor who probably wouldn’t amount to much as a Hollywood actress; this was around the time I made the unfortunate decision to watch The Princess Diaries. That first impression stuck with me for some time – I remember questioning why she, of all available actresses, was cast in The Devil Wears Prada. It seems though, that in the last few years, she’s proven herself to be quite adept at her craft (see Rachel Getting Married) and has also become a consistent performer on the red carpet.

Take last night’s Golden Globes, for example. While I was left largely unimpressed by most of the dresses I spotted in the red-carpet coverage and during the awards show itself, Anne Hathaway alone blew me away in a stunning sequin gown from the Armani Privé Fall 2010 haute couture collection. The colour, the silhouette, the sparkle from the paillettes – I loved it! I didn’t even hate the nude fabric in the back.

I wasn’t the only one who put Anne at the top of the Golden Globes best dressed list – The Huffington Post, Harper’s BazaarStyleite and Red Carpet Fashion Awards all did too. And here is where I take a few minutes to give myself a pat on the back, because it seems I knew this gown was going to be a red carpet killer the moment I saw Karlie Kloss rock the runway in it; in fact, it made my shortlist of Fall 2010 haute couture picks back in July. Maybe I know a little something about fashion after all? *wink*

What do you think – thumbs up or down on Anne’s look last night? Did you love or hate the sequins, the strong shoulders, the nude back? Who were your red carpet favourites?

xx, S

P.S. If you’re a fan of Anne Hathaway too, you’ll be happy to hear she’s going to be guest-starring on Glee! As Kurt’s lesbian aunt, no less.

Image Credits: tlfan via TFS,

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