The Backseat Stylers in ELLE Canada’s ’60 Seconds to…TIFF Red Carpet Ready’ Beauty Video

I may be all about the fashion, but when it comes to makeup I’m a complete neophyte.

I have my handful of trusty products I stick to and rarely try new ones, mostly on account of my lack of skill. I won’t attempt a smoky eye, for example, because I just know I’ll end up looking like a raccoon. I envy those of you who can pick up a new cosmetic product and know exactly what to do with it to give yourself a new, fabulous look every day.

I desperately need a makeup lesson or two, so when Jennifer Weatherhead of ELLE Canada reached out to me with the opportunity to play model for their video, ’60 Seconds to…TIFF Red Carpet Ready’, I was definitely in! Off I went to Gee Beauty in Toronto, fresh-faced and ready for my red carpet transformation.

There, the lovely Celene Gee worked her magic, giving me a perfect complexion, sharp cheekbones, smoldering eyes (hurray for false lashes!), and a bold red lip – in no time flat. I was so thrilled with the results that I (a) asked Celene to move in with me (she politely declined) and (b) called the Mister and demanded an impromptu, fancy date.

TIFF had yet to arrive, but the look the Gee Beauty ladies gave me was exactly what I’d want for a trip down a red carpet. This ol’ mug has never looked better. Thank you, ELLE Canada and Gee Beauty!

Check out the video over on for a 60-second tutorial on how to achieve a red carpet-ready makeup look in a rush, including application tips, recommended Gee Beauty products and…me!

xx, S

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