FLARE Magazine Dared Me to Get Bangs…So I Did!

What can I say, I love a good dare. Especially when that dare happens to be exactly what I want anyway: an edgy new fringe by top hairstylist Justin German, just in time for fall. So where do I sign up? Over Twitter, apparently, in response to a call for brave souls willing to sacrifice a few locks in the name of a great hair story in FLARE Magazine. Or something to that effect.

So after being selected by FLARE‘s Beauty & Health Editor Wing Sze Tang to be one of 7 lucky ladies to take part in her ‘Real Girls Get Bangs’ challenge, I was off to Shagg to do the deed. A mere 24 hours later, my transformation from ‘hair neophyte’ to ‘hair neophyte with fierce bangs and bright red lips’ was complete, and expertly documented by photographer Norman Wong I might add.

Here’s a play by play of all that happened from the ‘Before’ to the ‘After’, and everything in between:

Step 1: Chop hair.

Step 2: Apply face paint.

Step 3: Get snapped.

Step 4: Show the crew some love.

Me with editor Wing Sze Tang and photographer Norman Wong

Check out the complete feature in FLARE‘s November 2012 print issue or online!

xx, S

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